Online Safety Training (OCTA) FAQs

What can these OCTA courses provide?
Training for Company Compliance and General Awareness training as well as Operator Requirements. Use the training for Career Advancement and Personal Improvement or job placement and hire ability.

Do OCTA save money?
Yes! eLearning will eliminate the need for costly off-site training and enable your staff to manage the learning of all your employees as well as personal improvement and hire ability.

What options are there for purchasing OCTA eLearning?
You can purchase courses for $5 each, purchase packages or bundles $25 up to $175. You have 90-180 days of enrollment for course completion. Companies, individuals and Organizations may make payment via bank transfer, credit card using PayPal.

Is the training any good?.....”The prices are third of what I have seen and payed before”.
We charge what we see as a fair price… Understand that price does not always reflect quality. Our courses have been used by 100s of companies [many listed in left column -HomePage] delivering 100s of thousands of training sessions. Use the guest LOGIN to preview courses to see the “Proof in the pudding.” We developed our course catalog by asking our clients what courses they needed. This is how we got courses that people need and will use.

How do I test drive a course?
1Guest Icon. Go to the training OCTA site HomePage...
2. Click on the any Category on the HomePage such as, “HSE | Security Training Courses - $5 each | 90 day enrollment”.
3. View any of courses with the Guest ICON.

Can users access courses from home?
Sure, as long as you have an internet connection and computer. Many of the courses can be played on mobile devices.

How will I know if users are receiving the training they need?
The LMS provides reporting on test results as well as usage reports for each user's progress. These can be validated on the site Homepage for audits.

Will users receive a certificate after taking a course?
Yes! Upon successful completion of a course users can print a certificate of completion that will document their training.

Will eLearning save money?
Yes! eLearning will eliminate the need for costly off-site training and enable your staff to manage the learning of all your employees. elearning will also reduce the calls to your help-desk, and increase efficiency.

What if I need technical support?
If you should require technical support, we would be happy to help you. You can reach us using the “Help desk” link in the Main menu, email or phone.

Is eLearning effective?
Yes! eLearning provides users with on-demand, real time support for their software questions. Learners can proceed through a course at their own pace, or select individual lessons that cover specific skills they need help with.

Can learners set bookmarks so that they can begin where they left off in the previous session?

How can I get started training?
1. Create new account (Link under LOGIN) or LOGIN if you have a username / password. [HomePage -Upper -right | Login Block]
2. Pick & pay for the courses which you desire to take. You have 90 days to complete the course. Passing Score(s) >70% with minimum of 90 day enrollment unless stated otherwise.

How can I get a report of my completed training?
To view Your Enrolled Courses - Double click "My Courses" Link-Upper Left of HomePage To view Completed courses with scores; Login and Click the "View Certificates" link and Exception Report. To see which courses you have completed (Requires Course Certificate);

Here are 5 key benefits for OCTA Training compared to the traditional mode of classroom learning;
•It's what learners want - really
•Faster delivery
•Lower costs
•More effective learning
•Lower environmental impact.
Flexible – Using OCTA, you can give employees, students and yourself the freedom to learn at their own convenience, and at a pace that is right for them. Staff can be trained in remote locations and in a consistent fashion
as anyone receiving on-site training.

Additional Questions?
EM [email protected]
PH 713.305.7648

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